Ethics and Compliance


At Via Varejo, our principles have always included respecting all laws and regulations and a firm commitment to ethics and integrity.

We all believe that by DOING THE RIGHT THING IN THE RIGHT WAY, we contribute to the development of a sustainable business environment and to a fairer and more solidary society. We know that our success depends on our reputation and on relationships of trust between us and our clients and business partners.

To ensure that our activities our guided by a culture of upstanding and ethical conduct, we created the Via Varejo Compliance Program. This program is supervised by senior management and based on the following elements:

Commitment By Senior Manager
Prevent Detect Respond
To foster a culture of ethics, integrity and best practices in the company and the industry; To receive reports through the Ombudsman Channels; To investigate reports of potential violations of the Via Varejo’s Cof of Ethical Conduct, rules and procedures;
To orient the behavior of employees and commercial partners through the Via Varejo’s Code of Ethical Conduct, rules and procedures, training, communication and channels to answer the questions; To monitor, using internal controls, compliance by our employees and commercial partners with laws and regulations and with the Via Varejo’s Code of Ethical Conduct, rules and procedures. To apply disciplinary measures and establish consequences for violations of the Via Varejo’s Code of Ethical Conduct, rules and procedures.
To identify compliance risks and implement mitigating actions.
Updating and Enhancement
To audit the Compliance Program in order to identify opportunities for improvement;
To review, update and enhance the rules, procedures and controls whenever necessary;
To report results to Via Varejo’s Executive Directors, to the Board and Committees.


The rules and procedures of our Anti-Corruption Law Compliance Program establish guidelines for orienting the decisions and activities of our employees and commercial partners.

Our Code of Ethical Conduct presents Via Varejo’s main guidelines related to the conduction of our business, while our Anti-Corruption Rules establish general guidelines on anti-corruption practices and contribute to compliance with existing legislation, especially Federal Law 12,846/13, Decree 8,420/15 and the United States Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).

Code of Ethical Conduct